midnight aquarelles · January 22, 2023

Dragon Tears

“Dragon Tears” – version with inner light

The dragon watches over the dark corners when you go to pee at night. It can be turned on/off remotely (using a miniature controller), glow in different intensities. During the day, natural light is reflected from it and it functions as a completely normal image, but at dusk, its colors do not disappear into darkness. It has its source of internal light in neutral frequencies, it can illuminate the interior with its colors. Depending on the choice of light intensity, it can serve as a reading lamp or just as a reference point on your midnight trip to pee at the end of a dark corridor.

Illuminated painting into the dark with the motif of “Dragon’s tears” can be purchased in the gallery DIVUTVOR: https://www.divutvor.cz/maesara/draci-slzy