Apple trees along the river

I quietly allow myself to be carried by the river’s flow, passing apple trees. The gazes of birds imprint upon me, while...

On the road

Advent journey of the inseparable trinity. Afterparty follows:

Night Bar

Flowering branches on a rock escarpment attract nocturnal insects with their lavender-sweet scent. Watercolors and black indian ink on 100% cotton, 240×320 mm,...

A wasp’s nest above the Mediterranean Sea

Watercoulors on natural white, unbleached cardboard (230 g/m2), 210×210 mm, 2022.


Communication with colleagues at the home office. I’m alone and with them at the same time, we are each chattering away our...

The Story of the Temple of the Soul

Illustrations for the book of the shaman’s guide Petr Němčanský. Publishing house Magda, 2022, ISBN 978-80-906951-5-3.

My Dear Demon

A number of people understand the traditional masks of various tribes with their tongues sticking out as a fear and respect-inducing way...


It could be said that it is a reflection on the state of consumer society. But perhaps it is only lunch time,...


This poster can be purchased in the online gallery DIVUTVOR:

Dragon Tears

“Dragon Tears” – version with inner light The dragon watches over the dark corners when you go to pee at night. It...